Phat Lip Mega Lip Balm

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If you do not want to lose your lip balm, then get Maison de Savon’s mega-sized Phat Lip Mega Lip Balm!

The gigantic yet easy to hold and apply lip balm adds a layer of moisture to your lips. This moisturizing lip balm is the first you will need in the morning and the last thing you will need before hitting the bed. Phat Lip Balm will give you a subtle shine, non-tacky, and non-greasy feel to the lips that you will fall in absolute love with. 

Star Ingredient

  • Nourishing Oils
  • Vitamin E
  • Organic Beeswax

Ingredients Not Included:

  • Gluten
  • Talc
  • Parabens


A Maison Tidbit

A whopping two ounces of deep moisture and nourishing oils make up our Phat Lip Mega Lip Balm. With an all-natural and organic formula, you and your lips will be left feeling satisfied and well nourished.

How to Enjoy

Apply a thin layer of Maison de Savon’s Phat Lip Mega Lip Balm, making sure that it’s evenly spread. If you don’t mind getting a glossy appearance around your lips, go slightly over the outline to ensure that those areas remain moisturized too!

Caution: WILL MELT IN WARMER CLIMATES, store in cool areas. May also refrigerate if desired.

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Customer Reviews

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