Bébé Skin & Bath Set

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Bebe Baby & Belly Oil

A gentle oil formulated with calendula extract, organic golden jojoba, carrot seed oil, English poppy seed oil, sesame seed oil, brassica fordii oil, and non-GMO vitamin E, perfect for mommy's growing belly.

Diaper Balm:

This gentle, soothing barrier balm, filled with calming zinc oxide and balancing baking soda will become baby’s best friend, and mama’s too! Let time-tested, Mother Nature-approved essential oils, like lavender, tea tree and chamomile, with nourishing vitamin E help guard against diaper issues, red, troubled skin and keep babies most tender, sensitive spots defended.

Bebe Calming Calendula Spray
Featuring calming calendula, coconut water & English poppy, Ultra hydrating & cleansing for baby's bottom
Don’t be shy - mommy’s bottom might need some soothing, cooling spray, too after birth.
Also a great refreshing + hydrating mist for parents' face and body.

Baby Bath Soak

The best part of having a baby is Baby Bath Soak time and this baby bath soak gives baby the best of nature’s soothers, softeners and deodorizers. With the calming scent of natural lavender and chamomile essential oil to help relax, this gentle soak dissolves instantly into the bath without any gritty residue, and your customers are sure to love how cuddly soft and fresh their babies will be

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