Lavage Laundry Soap - Washing Detergent

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A detergent should carry finely grained powder, mild scent, and good foaming action. You should be delighted to know that Maison de Savon’s Lavage Laundry Soap is all of that and more.

Perfect for natural cleaning and giving your clothes a gentle yet effective cleanse, this detergent is a chemical-free product that cleans away dirt that you can’t see. It instantly dissolves into the water and removes mud, chocolate, and dirt from your favorite clothes.


A Maison Tidbit

Maison de Savon’s Lavage Laundry Soap does not leave an unpleasant, over-powering smell to your clothes. In addition to that, the detergent also doesn’t create any foamy action, which means it will keep your clothes safe from any powder residue.  

How to Enjoy

For use in top and front loaders. Only add ¼ cup or less of Maison de Savon’s Lavage Laundry Soap per load. DO NOT USE IN HIGH-EFFICIENCY WASHING MACHINES.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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